Spark candidates' interest with short employee videos.
Talk to your potential candidates asynchronously, all year round.
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With Sparks, you can
Reduce friction
Reduce time-to-hire by synergising evergreen content with your live streams. Let the job-seeker choose their journey.
Answer questions
Brand your company as the employer of choice, showcasing career opportunities and company culture, using authentic employee-generated videos.
Nail the 'fit'
Improve candidates’ cultural and professional fit by strengthening, right from the start, the parasocial relationship between your company and GenZ.
Making recruitment magic happen between

Here’s how it works

Step 1
Let your team members speak
Creating Sparks is easy. CareerFairy’s platform orchestrates the workflow between you and your team members, giving you full hands-on quality control. With Sparks short videos you provide an authentic behind-the-scenes view of your company, giving talent a clearer understanding of the company culture, roles and positions and how to join.
Step 2
No down time
Get exposure to CareerFairy's student network all year around and support your graduate recruitment programmes. Your Sparks will be presented to talent, based on their fields of study, interests, what they previously liked, along with your targeting criteria. Additionally, you'll soon be able to publish them on your other recruiting channels.
Step 3
Analyse the impact of Sparks
Measure the impact of Sparks on the live stream registrations and job postings. Track your audiences through Sparks: the number of likes and shares, what content talent is looking for, the number of clicks generated to your career page and job applications (with ATS enabled).

What our customers say

What  our  customers  have to say

CareerFairy's live-streaming platform is, since the pandemic, an integral part of our early-talent attraction strategy. We organise live streams to talk to bigger audiences of potential applicants and then follow through with a physical event for a more engaged group. An analytics dashboard and the talent pool feature allow us to spot and talk with the best-fit candidates.

Nalan Ayyildiz
Campus Marketing & Relations Regional Lead Switzerland

We noticed that after the Coronavirus there was a considerable decline of reach via the physical student fairs. We’ve been using CareerFairy to host virtual career events for 3 years. For us, the most important aspect of CareerFairy is its university network. We reach more universities with one live stream, leading to a higher ROI. Also, being able to back our recruiting and employer branding decisions with data is very important to legitimise our decisions.

Kira Steffens
Expert Campus Recruiting & University Relations

Making campus
recruiting feel like magic

Boost your recruitment team’s productivity
Shorten time-to-hire
Increase participation through promotion