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Bertschi is a market leader in the transport industry. We specialize in providing sophisticated and sustainable intermodal logistics via rail, road, and water to the chemical industry. Our customers’ product flows are steered centrally from our headquarters in Switzerland, assisted by our 3’220 employees in 39 countries worldwide.

The Bertschi Trainee Program is a unique opportunity for professional development within the international logistics industry.

We offer a 12-month program for university graduates that will engage you in key activities in transportation planning, preparing you for a future role in one of our Business Units.

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Take a Walk Around Your Home | Bertschi

Imagine the incredible journey that starts with raw materials sourced from around the world. These materials, transported by Bertschi, find their way to factories of chemical companies, where they undergo transformation into a vast array of products. These products serve as building blocks for countless industries and everyday items that shape the modern world.

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