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Aviation 4 Women - You are the Future of Aviation

Aviation 4 Women - You are the Future of Aviation

Thursday, Oct 13, 2022 8:00 AM


EUROCONTROL in partnership with AviAll

EUROCONTROL is pleased to host the Aviation 4 Women - You are the Future of Aviation, organised by Aviation for All (AviAll), and its partners. The presentations will be live streamed and are open to all. The theme of the event is “The New Now - You are the Future of Aviation”. Participants will hear inspiring stories from female role models from different areas of aviation. They will also be able to watch career videos and participate in hands-on activities such as a virtual tour in a flight simulator and talk to experts who will help them to understand how to transform a passion into a job. In parallel, there will be a small career fair to learn what type of professions and careers are available to them. Don't miss the opportunity to hear inspiring stories from female role models from different areas of aviation and learn more about the fascinating world of aviation and the numerous careers opportunities it has to offer.


Nargis Zamaray

AviAll President
Nargis is a lecturer at the Aviation Academy at her alma mater and is the founder of Aviation for All. She is also Private Pilot.

Iacopo Prissinotti

Director of the Network Manager at EUROCONTROL

Nadja Keist

Air Traffic Controller
Working in aviation has always been Nadja's childhood dream. In 2018 she started training to become an Air Traffic Controller.

Mona Seeberger

Helicopter Pilot
Mona started her aviation career as a helicopter technician in 2013. She worked on various types on helicopters for about 6 years.

Charifan Osso

Aviation Engineer
Chari migrated from Syria in 1999 and pursue a degree in Aerospace Engineering. She works as an aerospace engineer in Flight Operation for hydrogen-electric powertrain at H2Fly GmbH.

Lexie Janson

Electric Flying Car Pilot
Lexie Janson is a 29-year-old Polish/Irish pilot & creator currently based in Australia. She is the only Female Flying Car Racing Pilot in the world, drone racing pilot and technology geek.

Hania Mohiuddin

Hania Mohiuddin
An Aerospace Engineer on a mission to bring her futuristic engineering ideas to life. Hania’s expertise span multiple fields in Aerospace Engineering including RADAR Systems, Sensors Fusion, etc.

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