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Climate-sensitive placemaking, AI-powered medical signal analysis,  New challenges for infrastructure

Climate-sensitive placemaking, AI-powered medical signal analysis, New challenges for infrastructure

In-Person Event
Wednesday, Mar 9, 2022 4:30 PM











Introduction to AIT Titel: Climate-sensitive placemaking - New approaches for the climate-sensitive city Summary: Climate change and its adverse effects on cities and their mobility systems are a global challenge. Understanding climate change, specifically the impacts, risks and effects of countermeasures, is essential for a sustainable urban and infrastructure planning. Our team focuses on making cities and their infrastructures resilient, adaptive and climate fit - In this workshop we will present and discuss about the latest applied research methods and approaches towards climate-sensitive urban development. Titel: AI-powered medical signal analysis: from research to launching a medical software Summary: The competence unit Medical Signal Analysis develops software solutions for neurology and cardiology aiming to improve clinical diagnostics in these fields. With novel technologies, like Deep Learning, biomedical signals (e.g., EEG, ECG, pulse wave data) are analyzed. The development includes all the key steps, starting with research, developing, and testing algorithms and finally implementing these as a software. The software is then certified as a medical product and brought to the market. Titel: New challenges for infrastructure, bridges and transport mobility- Research can help to reduce CO2. Summary: One of our research activities focuses on the assessment of transport infrastructure (rail & road), which needs to remain structurally intact and safe, and can deliver a high functional performance. New methods such as sentinel radar satellite or distributed fiber sensing are used for monitoring bridges and tunnels. Onboard sensing will help to understand future rail loading. The aim is to limit interventions and reduce the CO2 - footprint. In this talk you will get insights on working in an interdisciplinary scientific team.


Marie Theres Raberger

Head of Recruiting & HR Development

Tanja Tötzer

Senior Expert Advisor, Center of Energy
Competence Unit “Digital Resilient Cities

Ana Magdalena Skupch

encevis Product Specialist, Center for Health & Bioresources
Competence Unit Medical Signal Analysis

Laura Gschwandtner

Junior Scientist, Center for Health & Bioresource
Competence Unit Medical Signal Analysis

Alois Vorwagner

Thematic Coordinator for Structural Dynamics & Life Cycle Engineering
Competence Unit Transport Infrastructure Technologies

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