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Continuous Integration Across Roles and Organizational Units & Workshop zu “Continuous Deployment”
June 17, 11:30
Hubert Baumgartner
DevOps Architect
Short summary

13:30 -15:00 Growing interdependence and teams distributed across multiple locations are a fact in current software development. Different roles evolve and work is spread over multiple organizational units. Especially in auto- motive industry we are bound to strict processes and legislative norms we have to fulfill. This means we establish processes to define the needed arti- facts and we use/create tools to generate them and check their maturity. Ultimately, the goal is to proof the availability, reproducibility and the maturity of all required artifacts. The space between legislative norms which are reflected in our processes as one boundary and the common IT-infrastructure as the second, can be used to innovate on our working models. We have to give the teams the therefor needed flexibility and also ensure a strong common understanding of our vision of continuous integration. Most importantly we learned one lesson: It is vital to have an organization which supports its developers by giving them the freedom to come up with their own solutions and the power to consolidate these into the standard development process.

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