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With modern E/E architectures the car is evolving into an IoT device on wheels
June 16, 11:30
Hans Jürgen Eidler
Product owner / Business Development Software
Short summary

13:30 -15:00 Bosch is developing new electrical/electronic (E/E) architectures that ensure the complexity of future vehicle systems stays manageable. At the center of this development is the shift away from today’s domain-specific E/E architecture toward a cross-domain, centralized E/E architecture that uses only a few very powerful vehicle computers instead of a great many individual control units. These vehicle computers will be connected to the remaining embedded control units as well as the sensors and actuators via zone ECUs. Bosch calls this approach a vehicle-centralized, zone-oriented E/E architecture. The reduced number of control units leads to lower system complexity coupled with a simultaneous increase in security.

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