Watch and interact with employees from great companies

What is CareerFairy?
From your laptop or smartphone, meet employees who share your background.
Ask any question and get the answer during the livestream!
Discover their work, see their office, get answers to all your questions and find out how you could join them in the future.
How it works


Register to your favorite events

We’ll notify you shortly before the live stream starts to ensure that you don’t miss anything!


Join live stream & ask questions

Be anonymous or show the company that you’re interested. Ask your written questions or just listen to the speaker. It’s up to you.


If convinced, join the talent pool

In one click, let the company know you’re interested and be contacted if there’s an opportunity for you at any point in the future.
Where the hell will my data go?
Very good question! We know that you don’t want to be spamed by recruiters. That is why we will only share your data with companies that you explicitely name us and we will remind you every time that you are about to do so.
Will I be filmed during the live stream?
No, this is not a skype call! Live streams are video broadcast of the employees (generally through their webcam at their office) set in an informal and authentic atmosphere. You can send your written questions and upvote questions from your peers, before and during the stream. This ensures that the stream is as relevant as possible for the entire community.
What do I need to take part in the stream?
Just your laptop! Open the live stream in your browser and start engaging with our streamers. You can also use your smartphone’s browser, but the experience might not be optimal yet.
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